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Just 10 Minutes of Makeup to Polish and Prep You for the Day

makeup_1441172155One of the ads I heard recently on my local desi radio station refers to going natural because it’s good karma. Aside from having an issue with the implied link between skincare and good karma, I have to say that I’m not in agreement with this statement. As much as people say they like ‘natural looks’, no one wants to see you looking truly ‘natural’. Sometimes I think I scare my children when they see me early in the morning!
Whether you’re a working woman, a homemaker or a college student, by spending an extra 10 minutes in front of the mirror, you are doing the world a favour. The message it conveys is that you care about YOU. Isn’t that what they mean when the airhostesses in airplanes instruct you to put on your own oxygen mask before helping anyone else? Self-love is imperative over anything else. I am not proposing you spend eons primping – at that point, you’re not doing the world or your family members any favours – but do make an effort to

5 Fashion Tips And Tricks Every College Girl Must Know

fashion-tricks_1435654468What do you when your dress gets stained at college? Or when deodorant marks spoil your brand new tees? Well, everything has a solution and that goes for fashion accidents too. There are 5 tricks and tips every fashionista follows. Read on and learn from the experts!
A Deo Called Vodka: When you take out a sari or dress from your treasure trove, it smells of those awful naphthalene balls you had packed them in. All you have to do to remove that odour is to prepare a mixture of vodka and two parts of water. Spray over the dress and the smell will be gone!
Foam Saves the Day: If your dresses and tees have white deo marks, the best way to get rid of them is by gently rubbing protective foam (which you generally use on metal hangers to avoid rust marks) or shaving foam against the dress material. The white stains will become lighter.
Talcum Powder to the Rescue: A lot of time while eating we drop food on

Smart carnival costumes

smart-carnival-costumes-1-size-3Create a party outfit with clothes you can add to your wardrobe.

Skip the store-bought costume-in-a-bag for Carnival and get creative with an outfit that can be repurposed after the festivities.

Costumes are usually a one-timeonly purchase, so why buy one that you will rarely, if ever, wear again? Instead, invest in a versatile dress or ensemble you can accessorize to create a fun and unique Carnival outfit.

If you’ve already dressed like a pirate, jester, queen, celebrity or other classic character, the garment you wear this year could be more versatile and last beyond one night. Consider a short black party dress or colorful bandeau, a frilly silk skirt, a bodysuit under a lacy tunic, or tight leather pants with a shiny beaded top for sparkly flair.

Here are some ideas to spark your imagination and add a touch of whimsy, sexiness or glitter. After all, Carnival is a time to be creative:

  • Vampire nurse: white dress with fangs and drops of fake blood
  • Schoolgirl: skirt, sweater, knee socks, trainers and a ponytail
  • Secret agent: sunglasses, long

Some Good Tips to Buy Stylish and Designer Sneaker

Once upon a time, wearing sneaker means you were either young or an athlete. But people have now discovered the advantages of sneakers in daily life. These shoes prevent your feet against the rough surface of footpath and work just fine for many occasions. There is lot of variety available in sneakers today. For a guy next door like many of us, this variety can get overwhelming and end up in more confusion. Going with friend’s advice may not help as everybody has different choices and tastes.

In this article we have given you some tips and ground rules to find out most comfortable sneaker for you. Just follow these tips and get success.

1. Don’t go too out of box

High ankle shoes have become popular nowadays as number of celebrities and dancers are using them. Your local hip-hop circle can be easily seemed sporting these high ankle shoes in shiny colors on the typical low lying hipster jeans. It might be appropriate for that kind of activities but never even look at them as an option for you. The basketball sneakers are best but not good for streets. Leave these at home even if it is most comfortable sneaker you have.

Lacrossepinnies.com Genuine Review: Buy Sports wear

Do you want to design your own sportswear with custom logos & text? Then you must try Lacrosseponies.com, which is an online shopping website that specifically deals with Sportswear.


It has a huge collection of sportswear varying from low price to high price differs by its quality and design. Here you can get lots of lacrosse sports costume/uniform of various designs.

This site allows the users to add custom logos & design to their products, for example if you are looking to buy a sports uniform for your whole football team, and you also want the uniforms to have some logos & text on it, then you can easily get it done on lacrossepinnies.com.

Important Details about lacrossepinnies.com:

Lacrossepinies.com provides various varieties of Sports pinnies, custom shorts, T-shirts and sweats Shirt. Also they provide Lacrosse shorts, Lacrosse uniforms, Girls lacrosse uniforms, Basketball uniforms, Basketball jerseys, Jerseys, Pinnies, Girls lacrosse shorts, Reversible jerseys.


Step by step tutorial to use the site:

It is really easy for you to buy from this site. Just follow the

6 Top Fashion Tips to Cultivate Your Charisma

Have you ever wondered how celebrities manage to appear so radiant? Or how they exude an indescribable extra something that makes them magnetic? In this article I will share six easy ways to help you cultivate your own charismatic style and presentation by following simple yet timeless fashion tips.

1. Interview friends, family or colleagues who will give you an honest opinion or engage an image consultant to determine what colors & styles best suit you and are in harmony with your natural features like your skin tone, eye and hair color.

2. Colors A way to test if your colors are harmonious is to look into a mirror in natural daylight while holding a piece of clothing/fabric next to your eyes or directly underneath your chin. Notice which stands out more the color or your features.

Colors that are right put the focus on you and not the garment. For example if you have ocean blue eyes, wearing the same or complimentary blue color will make your eyes stand out and people may comment about how well you look.

A color that is wrong often makes you look dull, drains your energy, can be repulsive to you or may even

The Different Styles Of Sandals To Make Your Own

Most of us love the high heels, but when reality sets in, it is necessary to have flats stocked up for everyday wear. The flat sandals are all the rage and they come in different forms. You could pick up covered sandals as well as strappy open toed ones. Indeed, with a focus on sandals for the last few years, there is more to look at and choose from among wholesale fashion shoes than ever before.

Open Toe Style

One of the quintessential styles for summer is the open toe sandals among wholesale sandals. These are favorites of every woman when it comes to summer wear. There are several styles to choose from when it comes to the open toe sandal forms. For instance, the strappy gladiator styles have made a comeback this year. It promises to be big for summer 2016. These sandals can be gotten in different styles. For instance, one can opt for ankle length strappy styles or the thigh high gladiator sandals. The other open toe sandal styles come in different forms like the slide forms, the flying saucer double strapped colorful sandals and so forth.

Ballerina Flats

With flat sandals being all the rage during most of the year

Look Beautiful And Feel Confident In Classy Clothes And Accessories

“A girl should be two things, classy and fabulous.”

  • Coco Chanel

Fashion icon and founder of luxury brand Chanel, Coco Chanel has certainly explained how a girl should be, in order to stay ahead in the world of fashion. Many women and girls say that they do not want to dress up or build a reputation in society based on their fashion sense. This is certainly not a wrong notion; your looks can never be enough to sustain you and people around you. However, you can never deny the fact that a well dressed woman, who has a strong opinion and focused mind can grab a lot of attention. You do not change with few layers of clothes, makeup, and accessories but you certainly turn out to be a better version of yourself when you dress up according to your personality. The clothes that you wear cannot define your massive personality but they can make you feel more confident for sure. You are beautiful and classy in the way you are but few changes in your dressing style can immensely help in bringing out the best of you.

In case, you are confused about how you can stay ahead in this fashion forward

4 Simple Reasons Why Oil Based Perfumes Are Superior

It’s rare to find a man or a woman, who doesn’t want to put forth a pretty personality in an appealing attire misted with a pleasant perfume. No matter you look handsome and clothed in the most delightful dress, it is equally very important to suppress bad body odour that can play spoilsport and get in the way of your efforts to look cheerfully charming. Spraying on the best body mist or a scent is the simplest way to get a fine-looking, fashionable and a fragrant outlook. Most of us are presented with innumerable instances in our lives, where we need to leave behind a lasting impression of our persona, whether at a formal gathering or a laid-back get-together. In our endeavor to ooze out confidence & charisma, we take every effort to scan the marketplace to buy the latest perfume alongwith a fashionable dress, from an online shop in the UK, that’s going to mesemerise everyone with its exotic fragrance. When it comes to extracting supreme longer lasting aroma and value for money, the oil based perfumes have always had a upper hand over the ones that are dissolved in unfriendly alcohol as a solvent.

Here are 4 simple reasons,

Galore of Apparel Brands in India

The apparel industry in India is witnessing a major upsurge in its growth and innovation patterns. New age businesses are setting up their base in the apparel industry, since it has a major potential for profit margins. The present trend in the market is suggestive of immense growth potential and increasing span of competition. New players are coming in Indian markets to establish a strong hold for their brands. Among these top fashion brands in India are renowned international brands and local Indian sellers as well.

The reason for the popularity and growth of the apparel sector in India is its vast potential for profit margins. One can manufacture a piece of cloth and sell it in practically any market, including top notch malls, depending upon the quality of the piece. The only characteristic that will determine its price is the quality of the cloth and its brand name. Once it reaches a market, it will demand a price for its superiority over other products, which customers will be most happy to pay. The number of Apparel brands in India is increasing at a strong pace. At the same rate, the customers demanding their products are increasing as well.

How To Get Authentic Calvin Klein Belts Online

For about 45 years now, Calvin Klein belts have had a strong and consistent brand identity wherein clean and simple lines define an elegant and iconic style. As a sign of accessible luxury, CK belts are at the top of the charts in the world of designer and fashionable belts.

Purchase directly from the official Calvin Klein website

The first major option is to purchase directly from Calvin Klein’s website. The assurance, as well as availability, of the recent launches makes this the foremost option for purchase.

Chance of getting CK belts at lower prices

At times when retailers buy a large quantity of any model number and the manufacturer comes up with the new model, they sell out the stock at relatively lower prices on sale. This makes it possible to purchase branded Calvin Klein belts at quite a saving. However, it becomes difficult here to differentiate between discounted designer belts and fake, copy, or replica branded belts.

Original CK belts have two removable labels


Authentic Calvin Klein belts have two removable labels. The small label shows the logo Calvin

Indian Fashion Designers Who Made a Mark in the Industry

The Indian fashion industry has reached a point where there are experiments, revolutions and collaborations. Thanks to our talented designers that today fashion has transformed into art. There is a plethora of old and young designers who are creative and skilled in manifold ways. Let’s talk about the top 5 Indian fashion designers who have majorly contributed to the country’s fashion scene.

Manish Malhotra

Needless to say, this is a familiar name for everyone. He is the dream designer of Bollywood who has crossed many milestones in the fashion industry. The ace designer started his career at the age of 25. Since then he has been responsible for the styling of many a big names in Bollywood. It would not be wrong to say that he is the pioneer of several fashion trends in the entertainment industry. He is the uncrowned king of couture. Those extravagant lehengas and flamboyant wedding attires are his trademark. He redefines drama and grandeur.

Ritu Beri

Ritu Beri is a designer who took Indian fashion to the global platform. She is one of the first Indian designers to present her collection in Paris. The French Government has also given

Dress Yourself According To Your Body Shape

An outfit, that makes you look snappy and in vogue is the thing that fashion is actually about! When you have a fundamental knowing of what your body sort is and what compliments it the most, you will never have a come up short minute failure in life!

Today popular garments complimenting every body type are promptly accessible and you should only have to tune your senses in understanding. Today most designers likewise make garments that are redone or resize according to a particular body sort.

Getting dressed is a ton simpler when you realize what pieces work best for your shape. Pay consideration on your bends. Take a gander at how they unite your bust, waist, and hips. There are essentially four sorts of body shape:

  1. Apple Body
  2. Pear Body
  3. Straight/Rectangualr Body
  4. Hourglass Body

Presently get aware about, in what manner would you be able to spruce up flawlessly which compliments you the most, any moment:

1. What to wear when you have an apple shape body, Well you have to direct consideration away from your mid riff, and wear garments to highlight different parts.

Pick flared pants over straight-leg or thin jeans.

Urban Wholesale Clothing

The frill are strong and thick furthermore the baseball top worn sideways and tennis shoes finish the look.

Long chains that practically anything the government are the standard than the special case. There are an assortment of merchants that auction urban wear such in expenses to profit in the boisterously these garments at a deal cost. Where are they minimal effort drive? A few producers dispatch their garments at exchange fairs and displays the nation over, while taking into account a more extensive client base, and seized products in like manner. They introduce their garments on-line for anybody to test the them.

In the event that you are intrigued, they will ceaselessly submit and request and have it conveyed to your front entryway or on the other hand purchase the garments if the maker is your city. Most producers of such urban wear shops have their just on-line and just a unique workshop on the planet.


This secures rich in costs, for example, rent, utilities, representatives, and so on., and these investment funds are gone on to clients.

Numerous such pioneers have figured

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Hurray! We are in the middle of summer and we are totally digging it. School’s out or you are probably on vacation from work and you love every minute of it. The sun is shining… wait, maybe a little too much. No matter how much we adore summer, we have to admit that some days with heat wave feel like hell was released onto earth. All dressed up in our pretty skirts and floral dresses, we find ourselves sweating… hard. That’s not very ladylike, is it? You have nothing to fear though; our Oh Industry team has piled up the ultimate 7 summer fashion tips and tricks for fighting the heat. Check them out and keep cool!

1. Light Colors

Yes, we know that you would wear black all day, every day if you could, but believe us, it’s not helping you out during the summer. At all. The more black you wear, the more heat you are attracting and the more you are going to be sweating. Opt for white; it’s equally chic and pretty.

2. Loose Fit

Yoga pants, skinny jeans and tight tanks, be gone! Don’t expect to keep cool during

4 Ways To Wear Harem Pants to College

Who doesn’t love harem pants? They keep you cool and have an element of exotic chic that goes with just about every style sensibility. You can dress them up or down depending on your mood, and take them straight from college to party with just a minor styling tweak. Wear them with a jacket or a crop top, printed or plain — there are many ways of using them.
Harem pants are also called cowl pants, and sometimes also called dhoti pants (read all about them here). A derivative of the Indian salwar, they are easily available in various fabrics, and suit most Indian body types (do you know yours? Check here). In fact, most e-commerce stores will have them listed under the salwar section too!
Hippy chic: Add a strappy crop top and a fringe bag to bring in a Bohemian vibe. A headband won’t hurt either!
Party look: Wear your harem pants with a cropped tee or a strappy midriff-baring crop top. Add heels and you’re good to go to a party straight from college.
Formal touch: You can wear harem pants or cowl pants with a formal block coloured

The Pattern of Success for Job Interviews

Well, it doesn’t matter if it is your first or the hundredth, interviews always get men worked up and understandably so. An interview is not just about the way you talk and the way you show off your professional skills, it’s also about the way you dress and present yourself. Plain simple shirts are no more the norm. Fashion101.in tells you the best patterns that you could wear to your interview(s).
1. Gingham: Much like checks, but a step ahead, gingham is the trend of the season and we have no reason not to recommend it for an interview. Gingham shirts create stunning looks when paired formally. The incorporation of this major runway trend into your formal office look will leave a sharp impression.
2. Checks: A safe bet to wear to the interview are checks. These have been around for ages and promise to be there for at least a couple of centuries more. While wearing checks, avoid those that are huge. They should look like checks after all and not like chunky squares on your shirt. Colours should be on the lighter side, and should complement your trousers well.
3. Stripes:

Every Red Carpet Fashion Question You’ve Wanted to Ask…Answered!

As much as I love some good red carpet style, let’s be real: I know that those stunning fashion moments all took a lot of work, planning, and clever, clever styling tricks. As part of my gig here, I get the opportunity to talk to lots of the industry’s best stylists and I’m always too happy to poke and prod for info on how us regular, non-red-carpet-walking ladies can apply some of that genius to our own lives.

Make your own cleavage. I’ll just say it: Watching the red carpet, I see the sort of amazing breast action I’d beclueless about re-creating for myself. There’s not much of a challenge if you’re someone like Sofia Vergara, but for less-blessed women, celeb stylist Anita Patrickson told me it’s all about silicone cutlets that can be slipped into your bra.

Take things to a tailor! This is probably the tip I hear the most, and it’s so easy to do (and honestly not that expensive). “Most red carpet looks you see require some form of alterations, even if it’s just a hem,” Jordan Johnson, a Rachel Zoe Studio and Air New Zealand celeb stylist confirmed. “A great tailor

4 Shoes to Steal the Show at a Black Tie Event

Gentlemen, we know that black tie events are scary things. It is extremely hard to dress yourself up due to the restrictive dressing codes. Well, while you might have found a way to perfect your look, your shoes can sometimes spoil it completely. Don’t perspire as yet, sir. Fashion101.in presents a gentleman’s guide for dress shoes.
1. Brogues: My personal favourites and arguably the classiest kinds of shoes created. Brogues will always elevate your style with class and grace. The shoe is a staple for black tie and formal occasions. Do not make the error of choosing one with creative perforations. With brogues, stay as orthodox as possible. They deserve the respect.
2. Opera Shoes: Traditionally attributed to the perfect tuxedo, opera shoes also come in handy for dressed-up formal looks. Opera shoes are known for their elaborate openings and smoothly rounded toes. While choosing one, invest in one with a slight heel. They not only give you height but also add grace to the shoe. Tassels are optional, but we’d suggest that you carry it.  A mark of a good opera shoe is its toe. The toe should be round and smooth. If

We Want to Try These Eyeliner Styles! Do You?

Highlighting your eyes with some classic black liner will always be in fashion. But what can change is the way they’re applied and the colours they’re available in! Every fashion week, makeup artists paint models’ eyes in sync with runway collections. This gives us some some serious statement making techniques on how to transform your eyes. Here are five eyeliner trends we love!

Silky Calligraphy: Lash out those lines! Try a bold look this summer with an inky black liner, and like a fine painting, take the strokes outside the edge of your eyes and draw a second line, like a petal and shade the insides with some black eye shadow to make a statement.

Go White: White eyeliners are 2015’s coolest eye makeup trend. White eyeliner has the power to illuminate dull and tired eyes and instantly give them a dewy fresh look. The Gothic arch is asure head turner, and will soon be the hottest trend to hit the streets! If you’re not as confident, try it in accents and bits. Apply a black liner along the lines of your outer eyelid.

Double Mod: To ape this look, draw out the upper lid

8 Tips to Perfect Lips

1. Before you start applying lipstick on your lips, you need to be sure that your lips are soft and smooth. Lips that are very dry or are cracked are not suitable for applying lipstick — at least not if you want a luscious pout! Keep your body well hydrated and, while at home, keep applying lip balm on your lips. You can also apply olive oil, ghee or coconut oil on your lips to make them soft.
2. Before applying lipstick, exfoliate the flaky lips from your lips with a gentle washcloth. This will help in removing the dead skin cells and will make the skin of your lips soft.
3. Add a thin coat of lip primer to give your lips a little moisture before applying lipstick so that your lips do not become dry easily and the colour of your lipstick does not fade away soon. In place of primer, you can even use a coat of foundation. This step is applicable to those who need to apply lipstick more than once to keep it in good shape.
4. Now it is time to line your lips with

What to Wear When You’re Expecting ala Kim Kardashian

Let’s admit it. Maternity wear is definitely a challenge, especially when it comes to dressing up. Your size goes too big to handle. Investing in clothes seems like the most useless thing as your size changes practically every month. Most women do not accept their changing body and often go in denial mode. You end up looking dull, drab and boring during one of the most important and exciting periods of your life! And that’s why you need to learn from none other than Kim K, who according to us, nails the whole preggers game. She may wear a body con dress or even a sheer dress, but hey, who said you can’t? All we want to tell you is be bold, stay confident and get out, shop a little! Here are five pregnancy looks to flaunt!

Date Night: Wondering what to wear when your husband wants to take you out to your favourite restaurant to answer all your midnight cravings? This is the outfit you should be wearing. A nice lace dress in a bold colour, showing off your toned calf muscles with a statement bag.

Party Time: Heading out for a party and don’t

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